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I’ve seen some knife companies offer “free lifetime sharpening,” what’s different about EVR’s subscription service?

Our goal is to maximize your cooking joy, and minimize your hassle. From what we’ve seen, very few people who own these other knives actually bother to send their knives back, and we can’t blame them: who wants the trouble of finding packaging, going to the post office or UPS store, and not having a knife for potentially weeks. We make it brainless for you to always have a sharp knife IRL, so that you can not worry about it and just cook.

Can I cancel my EVR Subscription?

Yes, we will be sad, but you can cancel at any time. Please just let us know at care@evrsharp.com, and send your knife back. If you no longer have the Re-Up Box, please let us know and we will send you one plus a shipping label.

Can I change how often I receive sharp knives?

Currently, we only have a 3-month interval option. We always welcome feedback, so please let us know if you’d love to see a different option. Also, you can always request to receive a sharp knife sooner, please see this FAQ below.

Can I receive a sharp knife sooner than the regular 3-month interval, how does that work?

Yes, if you need a sharp knife sooner, please just send us a request at care@evrsharp.com. When we ship out your sharp knife, we will just charge you the regular fee of $24 and reset your schedule, so that you will receive your next sharp knife in 3 months.

If I’ve requested a new sharp knife before using up the full regular 3-month period, will I receive any refund on the previous payment period?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you if you request an early sharp knife. We will need to put the same amount of work and time into professionally sharpening your current knife, and we still need to account for the shipping of the current and new knife.

Can I buy and keep the EVR knife, and not keep the service?

Unfortunately, currently we can not accommodate requests to keep the knife if you’re not a subscriber to our service.

Do I always receive the same knives?

One reason why we can offer this sharpness convenience, at a great value, is that we send you re-sharpened and refreshed knives from a common pool. So, though sometimes you may receive a knife you’ve previously used, in general we do not guarantee you will always receive the same knives every time. This also helps us save resource waste, as we can optimize our service to have just the right number of knives. Rest assured that as part of our process, we thoroughly clean and disinfect every knife (in addition to the sharpening, of course), so the knife you receive is always good to go.

Why does the knife I received look like it has some brush marks on it already?

Because we’re committed to reducing wasting of knives, we sharpen and refresh knives and send them out to find new homes. So, your knife might show some marks from past usage, but rest assured that your knife will arrive fully functional, with a factory-fresh edge.
I have special dietary needs (food allergies, religious guidelines, vegetarianism, etc.). Can I use your knife subscription?

Many of us abstain from certain types of foods. These considerations are often quite specific, and so we unfortunately can’t weigh in on general suitability of our service. However, we can say that as part of our processing, we thoroughly wash EVR knives with soap and hot water when we receive them. We then professionally sharpen them, and then sanitize with isopropyl alcohol before sending the knives out. One way to think about it is that using our knives is no different from eating at a restaurant–where the plates and cutlery may have been used for any number of foods, but then are responsibly washed before next use (with EVR taking an additional sanitation step). For those with allergy concerns, our facility does not process any foods.

What if I damage my knife?

Our service covers the normal wear and tear of daily kitchen work. In cases where the knife has been subject to extreme mishandling and rendered unrepairable, we will need to charge you for the replacement value of the knife.

I lost my knife, what should I do?

In cases where your knife is really lost, we will unfortunately need to charge you for the replacement value of the knife.

What is the replacement value of the EVR Hybrid 7-inch knife?

Because we know that things sometimes go wrong, we have set the replacement value of this knife at $48 (below market value).

Is there a time limit for how long I can keep the knife, before sending it in for resharpening?

Our standard service interval is 3 months. You will receive a new sharp knife after 3 months. Upon receiving it, you will need to return your current knife within 30 days to us (mail it within 30 days of receiving the new knife).

What is the late fee if I return my knife late?

If you do not mail the old knife within 30 days of receiving the new knife, we will need to charge you a weekly $12/week late fee. This late fee will be charged until the $48 replacement value has been reached (4 weeks), or until we receive the old knife back, whichever is soonest.

Can I order more than one sharp knife at one time? Can I order multiple sharp knives from EVR?

We love that you asked this! Currently, the way to have more than one EVR knife in your hands is to sign up for additional subscription plans on your account.

I can’t remember when I received my EVR sharp knife, how do I found out how long I’ve used it for?

Your subscription plan information is always available on your Account at our website.

I lost the shipping box, how do I send my current knife back to you?

Your new knife will arrive in a Re-Up Box that you can easily use to send your current knife back to us. The return shipping label is even included.

I lost the return shipping label, how do I send my old knife back to you?

Just let us know at care@evrsharp.com and we’ll email a replacement label to you.



Do you offer any other knife models?

Currently, we only offer our EVR Hybrid 7-inch model as we feel this knife best covers the most modern kitchen tasks. We are always working on future product development, so please let us know what knives you think we should also carry.

Am I allowed to sharpen the knife myself?

We allow customers to do light touch-ups on our knives, but please do not extensively resharpen the knife, or take it to another sharpening service. We have a stringent sharpening procedure, and setting a different edge on the knife could interfere with that. Sharpening other than light touch-ups performed by yourself may be considered damage to the knife outside of normal wear-and-tear, and may incur a charge for the replacement value of the knife.

Do you clean the knives before sending them to me?

Yes, we thoroughly clean and disinfect every knife before shipping it out. We still recommend hand-washing the knife before use, because you know, that’s just always a good idea…

Can I use the knife in my restaurant?

Our knife is not meant or certified for professional kitchen work. Our service does not cover professional kitchen usage, and we reserve the right to cancel accounts that violate this policy.

How long will my EVR knife stay sharp?

In our research and experiments, EVR knives should stay sharp for 3 months with normal daily usage. That’s why you will automatically receive a sharp knife every 3 months. If you ever need a knife sooner, please just let us know (see our related FAQ above).

I chipped the cutting edge of my EVR knife, what should I do?

You can request another sharp knife by emailing us at care@evrsharp.com. Please also see the related FAQ above. Also, please note that we may need to charge you for extensive damage to the knife outside of normal wear-and-tear.

Can I cut bones with my EVR knife?

No, the EVR Hybrid knife is not designed to cut through bone you mad-dog.

Are EVR knives dishwasher-safe?

Please hand-wash your EVR knife, as that will best preserve the edge and usefulness of the knife to you.

Where are EVR Hybrid knives made?

Our knives are made in Seki, Japan. Seki is the heart of the Japanese knife industry, and has a long (like, centuries long…) history of sword- and knife-making.

Why does the EVR Hybrid knife cut so well?

Everything from its 7-inch length, to its optimally thin 2mm blade thickness, to its 15-degree double bevel edge, to its blade profile, to its handle balance. All these design elements add up to make this knife perform so darn well IRL.

What materials are the EVR Hybrid knives from?

We use premium Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel for the blades of our knives. This type of steel offers amazing cutting performance, takes a super sharp edge, and is easy to care for. Our handles are made from a durable resin-infused pakkawood material that offers the sure grip and warmth of wood, without being fussy to take care of or clean.

Is the EVR Hybrid knife full-tang construction?

Yes, the blade steel of our knives extends all the way to the very end of the handle. This makes for a much stronger knife, and also gives the Hybrid optimal handling and balance.

How much would the EVR Hybrid knife cost at a retail store?

The EVR Hybrid knife is not available for sale, but a knife of comparable quality and materials would typically cost over $100 at retail.

How do you sharpen the knives?

To sharpen our knives, we use an industrial sharpening system. It's the same kind used by many professional kitchens and pro sharpening services. We tested many methods and found this to deliver the most consistent and razor-sharp edge. We check every knife with the "paper slicing test" as a last step, and resharpen any that don't easily pass. Of course, we also clean and sanitize every knife before sending it out to you. 



How do I gift a sharp EVR knife to someone?

We are working on gift subscriptions, please let us know if this is something that you’re looking for.

Do you have a referral program?

YES! We're have one of the best referral programs around: every friend you refer will get you 3 months for free, and your friend will receive 20% off. Check it out here.