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Live Your Best Knife: try four awesome knives, and keep the perfect one for the way you cook. Coming soon... Sign up for updates and get $10 off!

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3-month EVR Knife Trial:

As part of the Knife Trial, you’ll get to try these different knives:

Classic Chef’s Knife (8-inch, Western-style): This is the knife that many folks will say you gotta get, sometimes called a German-style chef’s knife. It has a thicker blade and some heft, and so it gets through all your meat and protein prep with zero issues. This knife has a rounder belly that is perfect for rocking cuts.

Gyuto Chef’s Knife (7”, Japanese-style): This primary knife is a bit shorter and thinner than the traditional Western-style knife option, and it feels lighter and more nimble. It’s great for the simple and veg-heavy food of many modern meals, with a slightly straighter blade profile that is also great for push cuts and chopping veg.

Santoku (7”): Did you know that Santoku means “three virtues”? A virtuous knife has to be a good knife, right? It’s a traditional general-purpose Japanese knife shape, designed to handle everything from meat, to fish, to vegetables. The tip curving down at the front (sometimes called a sheep’s foot tip, we dunno why either) allows for a flatter cutting edge profile, making this knife more useful in a linear cutting motion than Western-style knives. Home cooks who hit a ton of veg prep sometimes prefer a Santoku for this reason.

Kiritsuke (8” Japanese Chef’s Knife): Kiritsukes are also known as “master chef’s knives” in Japan, so of course you'll be a master too with this knife ;) A little thicker and weightier than a Gyuto and with a straighter blade profile, this Kiritsuke is also very versatile and is great for linear and push- and pull-cuts. It also works great for chopping, and the “clipped point” makes the tip a useful tool. Something about the vaguely sword-like shape of a Kiritsuke makes many cooks feel pretty heroic in the kitchen. 😜

What are the specifics of how the Trial works?

SUBSCRIPTION OPTION: With the EVR Sharp subscription, you will receive a pro-sharpened knife (of the model you prefer) in your mailbox every three months, for the equivalent of $8 a month*. That barely buys a cup of coffee these days! Included in your $89 Knife Trial fee is your first round of subscription for free. 

KEEP THE KNIFE OPTION: At the end of the Trial you can also just keep the knife that worked best for you, instead of continuing to subscribe to sharpness. Because we think you're awesome, we'll even send you a brand new and freshly sharpened knife – with no additional fees. 


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*For the EVR Sharp subscription, you will be charged $24 for each sharpened knife cycle, which by default is three months. Please see our EVR Sharp subscription page to learn more, with the key difference being that for this future version, you will be able to choose the knife model if you sign up for the EVR Knife Trial.



Do I need to pay any additional fees, beyond the $89, for the EVR Knife Trial?

Nope, the Trial is only $89 all-in. For that, you will receive four knives to try, all of the associated shipping, the sharpening services for those knives, and the kicker at the end: if you choose to continue in our EVR Sharp subscription, your first cycle is included for free; if you choose to just keep your chosen knife, a new version of that will be mailed to you for no additional fees.

Why can't I just receive all four knives at once to try?

We've found that having all the knives at once makes it hard to keep track, and most folks are not able to really compare them well. By always having only two knives to compare, we find that we can deliver an easier and clearer way for you to trial the knives.

Can I keep more than one knife at the end of the Trial?

Yes. Because we will need to cover the cost of the additional knives and the shipping, we will need to charge you $48 for each additional knife you opt to keep. 

Can I change the Trial interval from one month to a longer, or shorter, time?

At this time, we are only able to offer the standard 1-month interval between receiving different knives in the EVR Knife Trial.