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Why kitchen knives?

Well, we’re a couple of Stanford product designers who’ve worked on everything from revolutionary baby strollers, to kick-ass charcoal for BBQ’ing, to smartphones. We've started companies, taught in the Stanford design program, and developed products for clients. We also love to cook, and with all of our experiences under our belts, we realized that with knives, there’s a better way. Knife companies are selling us knives that we don't need, and they’re selling them to us in the wrong way. So yeah, we’ve got a couple of axes (knives?) to grind:

#1: In setting out to design the ultimate kitchen knife, we asked ourselves – what is the best everyday knife for the home cook? Old-school advice is that the 8-inch chef’s knife should be the go-to knife for everyone. But, as we watched how folks are actually cooking, we had our first AH-HA: nowadays, people are cooking a lot more vegetables and simple proteins and for these tasks, traditional 8-inch chef’s knives are just too much knife, but 6-inch knives felt a little too short. So, just like Goldilocks, we found that 7-inches was just right. Also, we loved how darned precise and agile Japanese-style knives handled, but wanted a profile closer to a Western knife (because we only cook Japanese food every day in our dreams). Sooooo, we put it all together to create the best knife EVR… 😜

#2: Great, we designed a super knife, but when it gets dull, who cares? When we looked around, we were shocked at how many fancy knives we came across that just weren’t sharp. We felt bad for these folks because it didn’t matter what kind of knife they had, they weren’t getting a very good cooking experience when those knives inevitably got dull. And even though there are plenty of options for sharpening (everything from the $15 thingy-with-the-little-wheels, to driving to the knife shop in the strip mall), the reality is that the home cooks we talked with just don’t sharpen their knives. We get it, when we sometimes can’t even find the time to cook, how are we going to worry about any kind of knife-sharpening?

America’s kitchen drawers are filled with old knives, guiltily left there because they’re so dull they suck to use – what a gigantic waste! We wondered, how do the pros get around this problem? Asking our buds in the biz, we found out that every week, a canvas roll of pro-sharpened knives gets dropped off at the restaurant, and the old dull knives get rolled up to get sharpened. Our next AH-HA: nobody really needs a knife – what you need is sharpness. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to own a bunch of knives that get dull, you need a “knife service,” a subscription that regularly delivers sharp knives to your door, and that makes it painless for you to send the old ones back to get sharpened.  

Cooking with a sharp knife is awesome, and the EVR knife subscription makes sure you always have sharpness without having to worry about it. ✌🏼

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