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EVR 7-Inch Hybrid Knife CLOSEOUT
EVR 7-Inch Hybrid Knife CLOSEOUT EVR 7-Inch Hybrid Knife CLOSEOUT EVR 7-Inch Hybrid Knife CLOSEOUT
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  • Hybrid Design: Get the lively precision of a Japanese knife, plus a profile closer to a traditional Western knife to handle any kitchen task. Whether you need to rock the knife, push- or pull-cut, this knife does it all with ease.
  • Japanese Stainless Steel: Japanese steel has always been a mark of high quality, andĀ our AUS-8 steel lives up to the hype. ItĀ gives you the best of both worlds as itĀ holds a great edge, is extremely rust resistantĀ and easy to care for.
  • 7-Inch Blade: The traditional 8-inch chefā€™s knifeĀ is usually recommended as your go-to knife, but we're launching with this 7-incher because we think it's a great all-rounder for modern kitchen jobs. The shorter blade, when combined with our custom hybrid shape,Ā results in a nimble knife better suited to prepping vegetables and simple proteins ā€“ the way weā€™reĀ cooking these days IRL.
  • Made in Seki, Japan: Seki is the center of the famed Japanese cutlery industry, with roots in samurai sword-making dating back to the 13th century. Samurai swords!Ā 
  • Note:Ā  These are closeout knives, some of which may have been used before.Ā  But each knife will be sharpened and inspected and arrive in like-new condition.
  • All sales final.

Ā Specs:

  • 7-Inch Optimum Blade Length
  • Japanese AUS-8 Stainless Steel
  • Forged Blade
  • Full-Tang Construction
  • 15 Degree Double-Bevel Edge
  • 2.0mm Slicing Blade Thinness
  • Durable Pakkawood Handle
  • Similar knives retail for $100 or more

Best. Knife. EVR!

Longer is not always better. Traditional 8-inch chef's knives have their place, but we launched with the EVR 7-inch Japanese Hybrid because it's light, nimble, and awesome for the way weā€™re actually cooking these days IRL.

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Word on the street

I didnā€™t realize how dull our kitchen knives had become until we received our EVR blade! It really is amazing how much easier cooking is with a really sharp knife.

ā€“ Karen S.

I love my EVR knife because it is light-weight and very versatile. It's so much sharper than my old knife, I'm excited to be able to always have a sharp knife to use from now on.

ā€“ Julie L.

The EVR knife acts and feels like a $200 knife! It's an amazing all around knife that is great for chopping, slicing, dicing, you name it!

ā€“ Brady S.

The EVR knife is very sharp, versatile, and really comfortable to use. It works great for a variety of tasks. A sharp knife makes a huge difference.

ā€“ Matt S.


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